13 Spooktacular Halloween Games for Kids

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13 Spooktacular Halloween Games for Kids 3

Try any or all of these 13 spooktacular halloween games with the kids, this Halloween! Make sure to have a blast! 


Pumpkin Ring Toss Using Glow In The Dark Necklaces As Rings!

I was staring at some glow necklaces a few years ago, and it occurred to me that they would make the perfect rings for a game! And, you know what?! They really do! This is a fun, and inexpensive fall game! Add this Pumpkin Ring Toss to your fall class party, fall picnic, or carnival!


Spider Web Walking Halloween Game

Finding a fun spooky Halloween game for kids to play that won’t scare the pants of little guys is not always a simple task. This game is simple, spooky but not at all frightening. As I was making it I wasn’t so sure of how we’d play but the rules evolved, and we’ve been playing it all weekend.


halloween games for kids (also titled….sometimes i’m dumb.) – A girl and a glue gun

really dumb. and find myself in charge of not one class party…but two class parties. kindergarten and 3rd grade. (for the record they are different days.) and can i take a moment and vent here: if you sign up on a sheet to help out IT WOULD BE A REALLY BIG HELP IF YOU ANSWERED …


Halloween Games: Pop Goes the Pumpkin

Looking to kick off Halloween with a bang, not a boo? This version of a classic carnival game also makes a festive wall decoration, and bursting the confetti-and-candy-filled balloons in this Halloween party game will make everyone explode with laughter.


Wrap the Mummy Halloween Game – The Resourceful Mama

I might have mentioned a time or two before that I love doing classroom holiday parties and games are one of my favorite things to do! We have played this Wrap the Mummy Halloween Game a few times over the years. It’s always a huge hit with the kids as they all clamor to be the mummy.



I’m the room parent for Bea’s 1st grade class this year, so I had to come up with a simple, fun, Fall party game that the kids could do in, like, 7 minutes. (They only allow 30 minutes for the class parties, and most of that time is spent scarfing down cupcakes and juice boxes.)


Pin the Spider on the Web | Free Printable – Ella Claire

This post is sponsored by GraphicStock.com. It has been such a hot summer here, and I have been oh so pregnant, that I am already dreaming of all things Fall!


Pumpkin Golf Halloween Game – Eighteen25

58.9K SharesPin58.8KShare100Tweet+11Hi! I’m Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun! I’m here today with a super fun activity…Pumpkin Golf! It is totally perfect for classroom parties at school, trunk or treat game, or just because you need to keep the kids entertained! and the bonus part is that it’s super easy and you can …


“Feed The Monster” Halloween Game – Tried & True

We all have the best of plans when it comes to our Halloween ideas, right? We may have been looking on Pinterest for weeks, plotting out the perfect Halloween party but life happens and inevitably, we’re scrambling and throwing things together the day before. Don’t worry, I’m right there with you!


Halloween Party Game Ideas for Kids | Vanilla Joy

During our recent trip to see cousins in Oregon, we enjoyed some Halloween festivities. The biggest hit was a super fun and crazy balloon catching game. Here’s how to play: blow up lots of orange balloons (at least one for each child) and give every player a funnel.


Halloween party game – Witch Pitch

Jo asked me to come up with an easy game the kids could play at her neighborhood Halloween party this weekend, and I was happy to put my thinking cap on and see what I could come up with.


Skeleton Scavenger Hunt Hallowenn Game

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt – A fun Halloween game for the entire family! Do you love playing games as much as we do? I especially love scavenger hunts. In college we always had scavenger hunts around campus and it was always so much fun!


pumpkins toss game

I’m the official ‘Room Parent’ for my third grade son’s class. I was a little nervous to take on that role because that means I organize all the class parties. I’ve done them in the past but not all of them so I was worried about changing things up.


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