Alien Spaceship Craft – A Fun Indoor Activity for Kids

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This Alien Spaceship is such a fun craft for kids!

We’re all going to be stuck indoors for a bit thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. This fun and easy craft is a really great way to keep your little one happy and busy, inside the house.

Especially if he (or she) is into aliens, planets and all that cool outerspace stuff. Your child is going to have a blast with this craft!

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This is a partially upcycled craft.

Upcycled means that the craft is made using items that are old or used or material that you’re going to recycle or throw away.

Kids can make their own spaceship at home with this fun space craft for kids

In the case of this craft, we’re going to be using some upcycled bottle caps, empty soda or water bottles, and a few disposable plastic plates to make our spaceships.

Find the full list of supplies below. ⬇️

I’d also like to add that this space craft is a great activity for groups, space-themed parties and as a fun classroom activity (when school is back in session). 

Supplies you’ll need to make this Alien Spaceship craft

The plates used in the images are washed and upcycled plates from a party. We used 2 blue and 2 green plates but you can use any color you like or have handy!

  • 2 Bottom Halves of Plastic Soda or Water Bottles
  • 2 Large Pom-Poms (we chose 1 blue and 1 yellow)
  • 6 Small Pom-Poms (we chose 3 red and 3 purple)
  • 6 Googly Eyes
  • 16 Pop/Soda Bottle Caps (we chose 4 blue, 4 green and 8 black)
  • 2 Pipe Cleaners (we chose 1 yellow and 1 orange)
  • A Glue Gun (and glue sticks) *Kids can use this under adult supervision.
  • Scissors

Supplies you'll need to make this alien spaceship craft

Now that we have our list of supplies ready to go (yay!), here’s a step by step guide (with awesome pictures) to make your alien spaceships…

Step by Step Instructions to make your Alien Spaceships

1. Plug in and turn on your glue gun.

2. Let’s start with the eyes! Grab your small pom-poms and glue one googly eye onto each one.

Alien Spaceship Craft Step 2 - Fun for Little Ones

3. Glue your small pom-poms to a large pom-pom. So we’re essentially gluing the eyes onto the body, like so…

Alien Spaceship Craft Step 3-1 - Sticking the alien eyes on the body

Your alien will now look like this… 

Alien Spaceship Craft Step 3 - Fun for Little Ones

4. Next you’re going to shape your pipe cleaners into a letter “V” then bend the ends to form tiny feet like this…

Alien Spaceship Craft Step 4 - Fun for Little Ones

5. Now glue the large pom-pom (alien body) to the pointy end of the “V”.

6. Then cut two tiny pieces of pipe cleaner and shape them into an “O” to create your alien’s mouth. Or, you can make your aliens smile, if you want 🙂

Your alien should now look like this little guy… 

Alien Spaceship Craft Steps 5 and 6 - Adding the legs and mouth

7. Now you’re going to grab 2 plates and glue them together, rim to rim, to create a spaceship. Place the hot glue on the outside rim of one of your plates like in the image below. Do this with both sets of plates.

Alien Spaceship Craft Step 7 - Adding glue to your plates8. Glue the “feet” of the aliens to the center of the top of the spaceship to prop the alien up. (See image under step 6, above)

9. Once you have glued your aliens to their spaceships, glue the rim of the soda bottles to the spaceships. Do this by placing glue around the bottom rim of each bottle and sticking the bottle onto the plate. 

Alien Spaceship Craft Step 9 - Glue the soda bottle to the plate

10. This is our final step! So exciting! Glue bottle caps along the side of your spaceships, going all the way around. Do this by placing glue on the rim of the bottle caps and pressing them on to the plates.

Alien Spaceship Craft Step 10 - Glue bottle caps around the plates

Now you have 2 super cool alien spaceships and you’re ready to blast off into space with your new alien friends!

Alien Spaceship Craft for Outerspace Fun and Play

For even more crafty fun, personalize your alien spaceships by adding paint, stickers, gems, or anything your heart desires!

For girls, a pink spaceship would be soooo cute! But, I love pink, so.

Make sure to have a ton of fun and play A LOT!!! Keep your spirits up and Stay safe ❤️

Super Cool and Fun Alien Spaceship Craft for Kids

Alien Spaceship Craft - A fun space craft for kids


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