Dinosaur Valentine Coloring Card – Free SVG for Cricut

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Free Printables

Download this super adorable dinosaur Valentine coloring card for kids and use the print then cut feature on your Cricut machine to easily cut it out. 

Every Valentine’s day I make my kids something that they can give out to their friends and classmates at school, instead of buying something that everyone can pick up at a store.

I love being able to make things that are fun and creative and my kids really enjoy that I do that for them. 

This year I made this dinosaur Valentine coloring card along with a couple of other designs that  I think are really cute and fun for a classroom gift exchange, school party or to give out to friends.


If you’re looking for non-candy Valentines for kids, this DIY crayon holder coloring card is a great option for younger kids.

My youngest is 7 years old and I made this design because he’s into dinosaurs right now. I think that other kids around his age might like this design too.

This Valentine’s day card is easy and quick to make with your Cricut machine using the SVG file that I created and am sharing with you for free (scroll down to grab it below!).

When you scroll down, you’ll find detailed step by step instructions for cutting this card with your Cricut.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow so if you’re new to Cricut and design space, you’ll still be able to use your Cricut for this simple project. 

You can use the included PDF file (download below) to cut the cards out by hand (2 cards on each sheet) if you don’t have a Cricut. 

If you’re handy with a cutting knife, you can use that to cut out the crayon holder area and use scissors to cut out the cards. Personally, I suck at cutting with a craft knife so I NEED my Cricut for cutting projects.

Free Printable Dinosaur Valentine Coloring Card - Crayon Holder - Fun for Little Ones

Supplies for Dinosaur Valentine Coloring Card

To make these Valentine cards with your Cricut, you’ll need to open the SVG file in Design Space. Below I explain how to print and cut 2 cards on one page.

If you have a Silhouette cutting machine, you can use the SVG file but I don’t have instructions because I don’t own a Silhouette. 

How to Print & Cut 2 Cards with Cricut

  1. Open Design Space
  2. Upload SVG file
  3. Insert image name & click “Save”
  4. Select image and click “insert image”
  5. Ungroup Image
  6. Select second layer group and click “print then cut”
  7. Select “Flatten”
  8. Move crayon holder layer above the print then cut layer
  9. Select both layers and click “Group”
  10. In the rotate box, enter 270 to turn image horizontally
  11. Change height to 6.2 inches
  12. Duplicate file group
  13. Place images side by side
  14. Change X position to 1 for both images
  15. Select both images and attach
  16. Click “Make It” and “Continue”
  17. Select your Cricut device
  18. Click “Send to Printer”
  19. Turn off bleed, choose your printer and click “Print”
  20. Set base material (this setting depends on the weight of your card stock)
  21. Place your printed image on your Cricut mat (make sure to line up straight)
  22. Press the flashing Go button on your Cricut
  23. Lift up tabs to insert crayons

That’s it! You can make as many crayon cards as you need and feel free to share this post with anyone you think would enjoy to make some Valentines for their kids or classroom.

Scroll down to download the files to make this cute Valentine’s day card for free! 

Terms of Use: This item is free for your personal use only. All designs are property of Fun For Little Ones. You may not share, sell or redistribute these files in any way. Please do not link directly to the download files. Thank you : )


Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Free Printable Valentine Coloring Cards SVG - Fun for Little Ones


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