DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!)

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These Easter Bunny Push Pops are super sweet and so much fun for kids!

They’re filled to the rim with yummy candy and are too adorable for any kid to resist!

Make these cute bunny treats with your kids for an extra fun Easter activity. Or make them and put them out “from the Easter Bunny” as an Easter surprise!


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These Easter Bunny push pops are the perfect treat and fun activity in one! It's absolutely perfect for kids!

I really love how cute these Easter Bunny Push Pops turned out!

I think they would be the perfect treat to serve at a kids Easter party. 

They’re so versatile because you can fill them up with any kind of candy you like. Jelly beans, M&M’s, Jolly Ranchers, mini chocolates…

As long as the candy you choose fits into the push pops, you can make it work!

DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!) 1

If you’re ready to grab your supplies to make this fun treat, here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies for Easter Bunny Push Pops

Easter Bunny Push Pops Supplies

How to make Easter Bunny Push Pops

1. First, cut out 10 white bunny Ears. I made one template so I could quickly trace and cut them out but that is optional.

DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!) 3

2. Then, make the inside of the bunny ear by cutting out two smaller shapes out of each colored construction paper.

3. Glue the colored inside part of the ears to the white ears, like so…

DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!) 5

4. Now, cut your pipe cleaners into 1-2 inch sizes. You’ll need 4 pieces of pipe cleaner for each bunny push pop.

DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!) 7

5. Next, you’re going to glue 2 eyes, a pom-pom nose, and 2 bunny whiskers (on each side of your push pop) to make the bunny’s face.

DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!) 9

6. Your next step is to glue 2 ears on the top inside of the push pop container and let them dry for a couple of minutes. (Note: If you would like to close the lid on each pop then you will need to glue the ears on the outside so the lid will fit properly.)

They’re looking so cute already! Right? 🥰

DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!) 11

7. Finally, using the lids, stand your push pop containers up and fill each one with different colorful candies.

DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!) 13

DIY Easter Bunny Push Pops (with candy!) 15

Now all that’s left to do is enjoy your yummy treats! I wish you and your family a safe and happy Easter!

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Easter Bunny Push Pops - Fun for Little Ones


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