Funny Orange DIY Mother’s Day Card (+ FREE Template)

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This Funny Orange DIY Mother’s Day card for mom is one of the cutest homemade cards that you’ll ever see. What mom out there wouldn’t love a homemade gift from the heart?

With the free printable template included, it’s literally so easy to make! All you need is a few supplies and your child will be well on their way to creating an adorable and epic card.

While store-bought cards are nice, homemade cards are always the best!

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Orange MOM DIY Mother’s Day Card
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DIY Mother's Day Card Template - FREE

Supplies needed to make this homemade Mother’s Day card

  • Orange construction paper
  • Light green construction paper
  • Google eyes
  • Markers: black, orange, green and pink
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pdf template (print below)
  • White printer paper
  • White cardstock

Mother's Day Card

Instructions to make your funny Mother’s Day card

  • First, print the circles on basic printer paper and cut out the greeting you like, there are two to choose from.
  • Next, glue the greeting on to the orange construction paper and trim around the edge leaving a little bit of a border. Fold in half so you view one circle.

homemade mothers day card

Funny Orange DIY Mother's Day Card (+ FREE Template) 1

Funny Orange DIY Mother's Day Card (+ FREE Template) 2

  • Now, make some leave accents out of light green and brown construction paper. Cut a light green leaf and a brown long rectangle stem. Glue these pieces to the back of the orange circle with the glue stick.

Funny Orange DIY Mother's Day Card (+ FREE Template) 3

Funny Orange DIY Mother’s Day Card - Fun for Little Ones 

  • Make your orange unique by adding googly eyes and a smile, I added little orange freckles to this one.

orange mothers day card

  • Next, print out the MOM template on heavy cardstock. Crease so the fold is at the top of the MOM. Cut around the edge, keeping the fold together, this allows the card to stand freely. 

mothers day card

  • Glue the orange to the center of the MOM template where the O would be.

Funny Orange DIY Mother's Day Card (+ FREE Template) 4

  • Use your imagination again and decorate the M’s however you would like. I decided on adding different size dots to create an overall fun circle pattern.
  • The MOM card is complete, you can even write a personal message inside if you wish. Make sure to scroll down to print your free card template. 

Funny Orange DIY Mother’s Day Card - Fun for Little Ones

Funny Orange DIY Mother’s Day Card - Fun for Little Ones




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