Super Homework Chart for Kids – Free Printable

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Free Printables

If you’re looking to make homework time more fun for your little one, download this super hero themed monthly Homework Chart for your kid!

Printable Homework Chart for Kids

Your child can color it, use stickers to decorate it and you can offer daily, weekly or monthly prizes as a reward for getting homework done.

The homework battle

When my 6-year old gets home from school, he gets a snack, takes a shower and then it’s time for homework. Unfortunately, homework time is a huge battle with him.

He flat out hates to do it!

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I’v tried playing games with him, bribing him, grounding him, tricking him and even begging him. Anything to get him to do his homework.

He just does not like to do it! 

By the way…  begging a 6-year old to do his homework – it doesn’t work.

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Homework chart idea

The other day I got the idea to make him a homework chart after he showed me a picture he colored that he got from our local supermarket.

He was very proud of the job he did and was really excited to turn it in for a free balloon the next time he visits the store.

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I got the idea in my head that if coloring a picture in exchange for a free balloon made my son this excited…

then maybe, making him a fun homework chart and rewarding him for completing his homework, could make him just as excited to do his homework.

So I got on my computer and made this “super homework chart”.

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When I handed my baby the chart and told him how we were going to use it, he got so happy that he ran off to scream in his pillow (haha, so cute!). 

His reaction was so adorable that his dad and I couldn’t help but laugh and run to give him a big hug.

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Now, each time he finishes his homework for the day, I let him add a sticker to the chart.

At the end of the week, I reward him with a small prize (one of his favorite candies, small toy, money, or a balloon) for completing his homework for that week.

He really enjoys it and it’s fun for both of us! 

Homework Chart

Make homework fun

If you’re having trouble getting your child to do homework and want to add a little incentive or fun to homework time, you can download this homework chart for free.

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You can print a copy for each school month and place the charts in a homework binder or folder.


You can hang the chart on the fridge or somewhere that you and your child can easily see their progress each day.

Make sure to grab some crayons and some cool stickers too!

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There are a ton of awesome stickers to choose from so pick a set that your child would really be into and get super happy about.

Free printable homework chart

Click on the button below to grab this free printable homework chart. You can print now or save the file on your computer to print later.

I hope your kid loves it and has a ton of fun with it! Let me know if it helps 🙂

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Super Homework Chart for Kids - Free Printable 1

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